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What is Montessori Education

Maria Montessori (1870-1952), one of Italy's first female doctors, psychiatrist, social reformer, feminist, and pacifist, practiced education to help children develop. Montessori observed children objectively and scientifically, created an environment that meets the needs of each child's developmental stage, and found ways to support the potential of each child. He discovered that children have the ability to learn on their own if they were provided with a well-organized environment and appropriate support, and this has had a major impact on the world of education.
In 1907, Maria Montessori founded the Children's House (Casa dei Bambini) in San Lorenzo, a very poor area of Rome at the time. . It is also recognized for its excellence in the latest neuroscience and psychology.
Montessori education supports early childhood, which is the most important period for a child's character development, in terms of the human environment, the physical environment, and the psychological environment. In this course, you will first learn what kind of existence children are, how they develop, and learn the appropriate environment and support methods for that purpose. ​


San Lorenzo Children's House


Maria Montessori in India


Maria Montessori and her son Mario Montessori

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