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About AMI 3-6 training course

AMI 3-6 Teacher's Diploma Course

This is a course for 3-6 year old class (primary class) teacher training certified by AMI(International Montessori Association).
You ccould
 choose either a evening course or a daytime course depends on your lifestyle.

Admission guide materials

Please refer to the admission guide Document for course schedule and more details.


We are accepting applications for the 2024 course. Fill the form from here(Japanese)


  1. Educators, early childhood education, childcare, school education, special education, etc.

  2. Those who have qualifications such as university graduates, junior college graduates, and vocational school graduates. (Regardless of department or major)

  3. Those who are expected to acquire the above qualifications

  4. Persons other than the above who are approved by the center

Conferment of qualifications

Contents: Document screening → Interview → Notification of pass/fail.

At the time of application, we will set the date and time of the interview.

​The interview is on using ZoomYou can choose between an on-line interview or a face-to-face interview in our training room.

Pass/fail notification

We will notify you by e-mail after interview.

Admission procedure

After receiving notification of acceptance,Enrollment procedures will be completed upon payment of the first semester fee.

Tuition fee

900,000 yen

Please pay the above amount in two installments: the first half and the second half.

Graduation exam fees and AMI membership fees, which were collected separately until 2022, will be fully included in the tuition fee from 2023.​.

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