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About AMI 3-6 training course

​Characteristics of this course

A Montessori educator who can support the integrated development of children in a special period of life, including mental stability, intellectual curiosity, independence, self-esteem, willpower, self-discipline, and social skills. do the training. The course content follows the guidelines of AMI (International Montessori Association), and if you pass the qualification exam, AMI will award you a diploma that is recognized all over the world. We aim to spread true Montessori education in Japan and around the world.

AMI 3-6 teacher training program content

◆ Montessori Developmental Psychology

◆ Practicing daily life

◆ Sensory education

◆ Language education

◆ Math education

◆ Culture

◆ Observation and teaching practice

◆ Teaching material production

◆ Written/Practical/Oral test

Our center promotes diversity in our learning environment and includes people of different backgrounds, ages, genders and international backgrounds. If you can understand Japanese to some extent, you can enter the school. Face-to-face classes and practical training will be held at the Morino Training Center.

conferment of qualifications

Students who have completed all the courses and completed the graduation requirements and passed the written, practical and oral exams will be awarded the AMI-accredited International Montessori Teaching Qualification (Age 3-6 Level Diploma).


2 courses: daytime and nighttime

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