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Frequently Asked Questions

Q. Can I enroll without experience or qualifications in childcare or early childhood education?

A. Yes. If you pass the graduation exam, you will be awarded a diploma (certificate of completion) from the International Montessori Society, which is accepted in Montessori education around the world.

Q.  What is the content of the entrance exam?

A. The entrance examination consists of document screening and an interview. You can choose to have an interview online or in person.

Q. Is there an age limit for admission?

A. Incumbent childcare workers, those entering the world of childcare in the future, mothers who have finished raising children, people who are working in a completely different field, and people who retired from work voluntarily. People of all ages and experiences have graduated and are discovering new selves. People in their 20s to 70s are enrolled. Males make up 10-20% of all students.

Q. What is the difference between daytime and nighttime classes?

A. Most of the contents such as tuition fees, courses, and qualifications are the same. The daytime course takes one year to graduate, and the nighttime course takes two years. In the daytime class, there is practice time before and after class. In the evening class, classes are held twice a week (18:00-21:00), and Fridays and Saturdays are practical practice days for teaching materials.
In the daytime part, teaching practice is conducted during a set period, but in the evening part, many students work while they are working, so they make their own schedule and conduct teaching practice. Also, since there are fewer designated training centers for the night classes than for the day classes, there is no guarantee that you will be able to practice on the days you request.

Q.  Are there any requirements to qualify?

A. Since this is an International Montessori Society course, it is necessary to meet the requirements of the International Montessori Society regulations. The main requirements are an attendance rate of 90% or more, submission of the specified submissions by the deadline, teaching practice and report submission the specified number of times, and passing the graduation exam.

Q.  Is there an dormitory where I can stay during school year?

A. We do not have a dormitory, but we do have an apartment owned by Ms. Shizuko Matsumoto, Honorary Director of the Center. In addition, a reliable landlord in the neighborhood has arranged rooms for students for many years. In some cases, the furniture and electrical appliances used by senior students can be handed over to the next enrollee. please consult

Q. Please tell me about teaching practice.

A. In both nighttime and daytime classes, students are required to complete the specified number of practical teaching sessions at affiliated kindergartens and other designated kindergartens.
For night students, you can arrange your own schedule and apply for practical training, but you cannot cancel after applying, so please adjust your work before submitting the practical training schedule.

Q. Can I take the course while raising small children?

A. There are affiliated kindergarten in the neighborhood. In the daytime class, some of our students are mothers of 0-6 years old and their children may attend affiliated kindergarten. A lot of effort and time is taken during the course period outside of class time. With the understanding and cooperation of your family, please consider the conditions under which you can attend without difficulty. Please contact us if you have any concerns.

Q. Can I get a job after graduation?

A. Many Montessori Institutes have job offers for AMI qualified persons every year. If the conditions are right, we can introduce you.

Q. Can I enroll if I can't speak Japanese?

A. So far, we have had many international graduates. Lectures are basically given in Japanese, so it is necessary to understand Japanese to some extent. An English interpreter may be provided by the trainer. Please feel free to contact us.


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